sunday 09/12/2007

I require clints mainly so post your offer. for both NDololo cr and Sigmund cr

How much for your No nam?

I sell marco he's lvl 3 right now
how much?

You can also win credits by playing in the daily and ELO tournamentssmiley

Sorry sold that one almost 5 days ago

close topic please

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Bah, any cards will do smiley

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Watch the market why shoud sombody sell under market price

Im looking to buy uranus tell me what level and cost! thanks =]

Marco 1500, steve 1200, alec 500

saturday 08/12/2007

Buying Kenny lvl 1 under the marketprice. Post ur price here or pm me.

Yeah guys ive brough it thanks anywayz

I'll buy it if you tell me the price you want what level it is and what the stats are when it's fully evolved

I'll buy it if you tell me the attack and damage at level 5

Got the card mean timmy so i look for the two new dudes from the freaks clan

HolyWizy..why don't u just wait for a week for so? The price of Timmy will drop down to like 5k

I want to buy Charlie for 2000 clintz...anyone interested pm me.

Anyone got tanaereva?

Baby Q For Trade

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