friday 07/12/2007

If he can sell,morphun level 1 for 50(if he can sell)

Looking for GraksmxxT Not leveled or fully leveled leave cheap Price Please

Anyone? smiley

I have 746 Clintz for any Don

All done - thanks for helping out!

thursday 06/12/2007

Kiki and alec gone

I have it what do you offer

Tylers 4 2000 clint Each

Hey ill buy your diyo for 6k

Will only go to 1000-4000 clints so offer away!smiley

If you have 2 auctions for the same card you have to have 2 identical cards so that you are able to give them both, you are obligated to finish the first auction if you don't have 2 kerozinn.

and also you have to mention a deadline (day and hour) and a reserve price under which you don't sell. If the bids exceed the reserve price you have to sell.

take note that you have to read the trading rules at this page

and also take note that if you open two auctions for the same card without having 2 identical cards... and if you mention 2 different starting prizes we may have to take actions against you.

so now if you don't have 2 kerozinn cr you have to finish the auction at page

and also you have to post the deadline and the reserve price as soon as possible.

In order to have some order in all this "chaos" of sales I ask all players to read the trading rules before posting a new subject and when posting to do it properly.

How much for anita

Okey new Offer My Perle lvl 5 , Giovanni , Hel , Maeva For you ANY lvl Ielena

Ill let you lot choose the price's so post on here what you offer for them.

I trade you Diyo (R) and Charlie for her

Buying steve for 4K .plz PM me with private sale ~ thx~

Buying steve 4k.

PM me with private sale plz.


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