tuesday 20/11/2007

I want to buy loma noju for 1.8 k, max level, pm me

Please,, in need of ulu watu and pussycats

Lol 50clintz , i'm broke xD

Sorry should be 300-400 sorry

Yeah... Offering card is Aldebaran Cr 2lvl

bid starts at 480 000 clintz... max bid are 1 000 000 so...

Yah its too low

Ellow all.. I am buying Flesh Pimp for 430c.. just sell it 2 me rite awayy.. smiley

Thx for checkin anywayz

Willing to buy a maxed ratanah for 900!!!!

Tanaereva's gone

monday 19/11/2007

How much for morphun

Im looking for
i need these cards pm me or post your offers here thnx

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Auction won OAET_NIALBOY

Does anyone have Eve, Crassus, or Titus that they could sell for cheap? Like a few hundred clints at most...
Idk, if u have duplicates or something.

Levaitonn for 2500clintz. Msg me if accept thank you!

Note, kleonjb cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

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Thnx im not interesed to bye any rots ill bye 2 of them

You can't sell any character..how you want to trade them?and i know i can't trade too..smileymoderator how about you close this forum before someone fall to this people trap

Pm me what you are lookin for i nees Tanaereva, Gertrud, Tyler...

Ashida ur allowed to buy cards without buying credits just not sell them on the open market or privately

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