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saturday 02/08/2008

800 if you sell to kate, and however much someone buys it for on the market

BUYING UR Katan(R) for 1200 if deal send me a private sell thingy

Help... ill buy any card for 50 pls. tnx

1,000 clintssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Also pm me it would be faster

Hi if you have diego and chiro, ill buy them both for 500 clintz..! please..! thanks..!

I have Flyer and Lolly

1,000clintz and 100k

Note, OTV_jinhazama cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

and u only have 9 cards lol

friday 01/08/2008

Mods please close,id rather sell on market

Kolos for 14k

Or card trade and these are the cards wanted
Chad Bread Cr
Wee Lee

Im trading my ambre for a morphun. ill throw in a murray (not maxed)

For 1k for 1.5

I am also selling:
Dacha Macha
none of them are leveled up at all

Ill buy gheist nightmares .....im looking 4 xu52 kenny

Jsut put it on market then

I will give you kimberly 4 some allstar cards

I search a splata cr for 50 000 clitz. contact me in private escuse me english

My clan would be Haven smiley
+1 life min1 per dmg
It would have people like angels, greek gods, and the master card just plain old GOD and he would be 8/8 ability SOA+SOB
lol he would be banned from elo. smiley

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