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thursday 03/01/2008

wednesday 02/01/2008

How many clintz do u want?,,,, or how bout a marina n 4k clintz?

Trading !! My 0 Exp Gertrud for you lvl 4 Gertrud !!

I realy need it pleaseeeee

Ill sell you ghoub for 2000

Nm im putting all on market, close this mods

Close thanks !

But i am now buying Yookie for 211 Clintz!

I need Clara(Buy)for 720 Clintz!

Sell me striker for 1600 plzzzz

Plz close thread. i got wht i wanted

tuesday 01/01/2008

13k maxed

Nid It Asap!!! 1000 Clintz

I worked out a deal with someone, please close this thread, thanks

Level 3 smiley

Not enough rich players >.<
Need to invade french forums smiley

Nistarok and timber for my morphun max leveled

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