saturday 17/11/2007

1000C for Boodenpower Adverage We and make and deal for 800 MSG me back

How much for Dolores Boss?

What do you want for Ashigaru??

I have a charlie. which card do you want to trade her for?? just message me asap

How much for Miss Chloe (R) PM me

How much for Oyoh (R) tell me price

Jim Cr _ Ambrose Cr _ A Award Cr _ Reine Cr _ Skullface Cr
got all them what do you want for all your soleils

Looking to buy emma cheap dont have many clintz only 140
any level would do coudl sum1 help me out here thx.

Ok well I posted this as I am looking for freak cards so if anybody is looking to get rid of them let me see what you got

Message me privatelysmiley

I have all three pm me and we can work something out

I am interested in buying knightmare or ghiest cards any offers

2 messages

Aldo level 3

Melissa cr

friday 16/11/2007

How much for grakmxxt

10 miss chloe

Do you stil want that card pm if u do

for 1k still


Yeah... thats all.Make your offers.OBS don´t PM me!

PLEASE enybody sell me havok or zdrone im very interesed for 2 of them

Do you have bridget?

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