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friday 01/08/2008

Im trading my ambre for a morphun. ill throw in a murray (not maxed)

For 1k for 1.5

I am also selling:
Dacha Macha
none of them are leveled up at all

Ill buy gheist nightmares .....im looking 4 xu52 kenny

Jsut put it on market then

I will give you kimberly 4 some allstar cards

I search a splata cr for 50 000 clitz. contact me in private escuse me english

My clan would be Haven smiley
+1 life min1 per dmg
It would have people like angels, greek gods, and the master card just plain old GOD and he would be 8/8 ability SOA+SOB
lol he would be banned from elo. smiley

I BUY KOLOS, anyone SALE to ME smiley
Lower than market, please

IM SELLING EKLORE shes going 4 $40000 on her own.(i dont want any offers like 20000 i want 40000 its cheap 4 her)
i am also willing to except trades i am looking 4 the entire ALL STARS or 6 RARE CARDS for her please pm me with ur offers or leave them here thanx

Ok charlie is out kolos is still for trade...please anyone offer smokeys and hawkins...

I buy yusuke for 550

Note, JakeMCFC95 cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

Ashigaru for 700clintz

Only 7900!!

I want Toro for 2000 !!! smiley Pm me with offer smiley Thnx

I think thats kinda hard dude .. cuz we have 2 pay for ur service and training cards is so fast now a days because of the specialized rooms and vansaar .. think about it

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