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wednesday 12/03/2008

Beetenka how much PM me


14k to start

It isn't that hard to get if you buy packs, just sell everything for surefire prices (like Kolos for 1k off current price). Xu52 was easy to get like that... too bad I can't buy credits temporarily since allo told me not to smiley

EVERYTHING IS GONE. THANKS GUYS AND FOR THOSE WHO I SOLD CARDS TOO. i hope you enjoy them smiley i'll miss you all.

I will trade you a maxed Page for Chad Bread

You sell? or you buy?


tuesday 11/03/2008

What cards do you have and how much are you accepting for them?

LOL that's a rip off I bought Boris back when he only costed 2800 and Titus only costed 1100

Please close smiley i got one already

What do you want for ben

What do you want for both of cards

I have none in mind particularly, just offer what card or cards you'd be willing to trade.

Mods please close this thread i sold both of them

I have Kerry, Hugo, and Corrina available to trade for other rare cards. Make an offer and I will let you know if I need the card offered.

I can give you 35k

I got a splata cr for trade n clintz to back it up cuz i know he alone isn't worth as much as elya cr,,,,,,,, just post ur price n i'll see wat's up,,, thanks

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