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friday 01/08/2008

Leave a message if you are willing to sell Python for 1100 clintz

Ill buy for 600c just message me ty =)

Hi to everyonesmiley
i will trade my 3 maxed ambre for a 0xp vickie...smiley
pm me if you're interested...smiley

I can give u one lv 1

Looking to buy a Gyro (U) for 500 clints if thats good just give me a shout

How much for Nanook?

Mods can close this subject now

thursday 31/07/2008

Starting at 240

Any one got a Janine ill pay up to 230

Hey im lokking to buy dalhia if u wanna offer post here

I have aldo prince jr and spyce 100 each

I have
prince jr
350 clintz can get u all 3

If nobody offers, i'll take any of the cards cheap

Please?? Anyone???

8577 is all I have
will it do?

Im buying buck from water for less then 2200$

Em 4500 for blaaster!i have it!

I want uranus for for 1500 or iwill give u my jeena and 500 clintz

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