wednesday 13/06/2007

Price: 16500(maxxed)
trade: Geuner, Diyo, swidz, estalt, kenny, Ielena (any acceptable combination is fine) or ombre cr, and geuner

Is trade available here...or only sellin?

Please give some low pricessmiley

Iv got Zatman wat u want for him

Send me maxed charlie I will send you non maxed. Dont want noon stevens so just send charlie LOL.

tuesday 12/06/2007

Nevermind I got it.

Well, I've never seen the prices so low for graksmxxt (28.000 atm) so I'm gonna wait to sell them until the prices go up smiley
Originally they were at +-38.000

Already got it.

monday 11/06/2007

I'm selling at the market for 23000, if you offer me 20000 it's yours, pm me

Well i would trade marlysa for a couple tessa and a swidz

I Need It In A Low Price . .smiley

I have Charlie. I want to trade for Lamar.

sunday 10/06/2007

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Got it .thank yousmiley

Buying No Nam please make your offer....

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No i wont

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If you have Lamar or Striker I want them and I'll trade two clara(s) for Lamar or 1 for striker

I'll buy elliot and Diego for 120 clints

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