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thursday 31/07/2008

I give u blaster and platoona

Ill buy somones Nympheea for 230

Close this

I want Toro for 1800 Thnxsmileysmileysmiley

Kolos (R) (R)
Kenny (R) (R)
Hel (C) (C)
K Cube (U) (U)
Dieter (C) (C)
Sheitane (U) (U)
Glorg (U) (U)
Timmy (R) (R)

Ben (C)
Armand (R)
Jeena (R)
Miken Moose (C)
Ratanah (U)
Noodile (C)
Yookie (C)
Rico (U)

Note, kilerb cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

I would've bought though... XD

Sell the cards below market price

What piranas do u want?
i got

I have Mayhem

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Bump... buying tyd for 600 clintz... pm me...

Wot would u do for all the piranas

Dude he costs 13k in reg market
dum =(


Just pm me your price

I need like for 2500..

Just private Sale me.. smiley
thankz.. x0x0..smiley

I will buy Toro for 1500 smiley

Sorry there sold so admins plz erase this forum

I have azel and nistarok

I have marina, robb, and oyoh

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