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thursday 21/12/2017

I can put cash or card to make up the small difference.

1M cash + one dregn 0xp for your reine cr

I have
1 Flo Cr full xp 55k
1 Striker Cr 0xp 145k
1 Chikko Cr 0xp 85k
1 #spyke cr full xp 155k
1 Grudj Cr full xp 95k
2 Dolly Cr full xp 105k
1 Veenyle Cr 0 xp 140k
3 Diego Cr 2 fullxp 1 0xp 185k
1 Edd Cr fullxp 125k
1 #spiaghi cr fullxp 55k
1 Hawkins Cr full xp 105k
1 Rhed Cr 0xp105k
1 Dr Norton Cr 0xp 55k
1 Sledg Cr full xp 85k
1 Slyde Cr full xp 55k
2 Phonos Cr 1 0xp 1 fullxp 105k
1 Sigma Cr full xp 130k
1 Chiara Cr full xp 95k
1 Greem Cr full xp 65k
1 Eddie Cr full xp 85k
2 Lin Bee Cr 1 0xp 1 fullxp 105k
1 Heegrn Cr full xp 65k
2 #shakaarti cr 1 full xp 1 0xp 320k
rough estimation around 2.5m got some clintz too looking for Vickie Cr full xp
pm for negotiations

Cal also do Vickie Cr Ymirah Cr and 1 mil clintz
Or Vickie Cr 2.5 mil clintz

I thought 5k eachsmiley

Still buyingsmiley


If not interested in selling at least join this even

Will jus do this old fashion way

Sorry about the confusion Rudra

Noooo I'm a good cookie I swear smiley

wednesday 20/12/2017

Cannot believe you raised a globumm!! The big 6 comes out

Done!! Ram gets this one.smiley

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