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tuesday 01/07/2008

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I can sell you mine in lv 1.

Note, runemastertop cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

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How much r u going to buy Kolos? (just asking)smiley

3.5 plus bryan


Ha ha good luck getting general cr and unless you've bought a ton of credits i doubt a level 23 has 400,000-600,000 clintz needed to get flavio cr

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How much do u want mono for

He traded globumm up to card a little bit better like dean i think then traded that card for another one that was a little better until he got a marlysa cr.. but don't try the same thing mods usually close threads trying to copy him

Just PM if you have one you want to get rid of

Close this post i sold all of it

I can give u 471 for jeena, thats all i got rite now

Jeena for 471

Do you have Amiral Py

I'm looking for a gaia or lulabee and i got 1600 clintz, mark and gaia noel.

I am also very flexable...if you want more clintz or cards for one of them

Angel comment doesn't really make sense but their price went up because they are good in survivor like akuaku said


monday 30/06/2008

You got any rescue

I have no nam he is a 7/7 card

Elvira(R) MAX level 2295
Ingstara(C) MAX level-197(currently)

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