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thursday 21/02/2008

Mods please close this

Thx mods, you can close this thread


I looking hou want sale kerozin cr card for 25000clintz

Are U run for your auction because no one in here except me and offer a low then you closed this thread with that excuse ...
well..well what a ...... smileysmiley

I'm selling Boris 4000 full XP et 3500 0xp

I have got candy Jack from nightmare to trade for a tshern or mathew from roots

Note, Keade cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
you can only buy cards no trades first you have buy credits to unlock the saleoption

Mods please close this thread, I've traded the Jim Cr already

I can offer a Thaumaturge Cr for a tessa cr pm me bk

Okay I'm buying or trading for Ambre MAXED or lvl 4 (cheaper).

Cards willing to trade (will take other offers than Ambre for trades):
Crassus (U) Maxed
Eve (U) Lvl. 3
Gibson (C) Maxed
Edd (R) Maxed
Giovanni (U) Maxed
Nistarok (R) Lvl. 3
Phonos (U) Lvl. 4 (really close to level)
Beetenka (U) Maxed
Dorian (U) Maxed
Sydney (U) Maxed

The ones that aren't maxed yet might be maxed before this thread ends. I just got them in packs recently = higher stars taking little longer than I'd want. If you want to do a cash offer... look at the market prices... and I'll sell little cheaper than cheapest (same amount of stars... means lvl.1 doesn't = MAXED price).

I'll take the chloe off you for 7k smiley

Please delete this i have the cards i need smiley


Please contact me if you would regarding this sale.


Wat cr u have?

Raynos, I have extras of Ashigaru, Hugo, Vansaar, and XU52. I also have quite a few other extra cards if you need/want any others, but I would like to try to work out a deal for your A Award Cr if possible. Let me know.


P.S. Sorry if this double posts.

wednesday 20/02/2008

Mods please delete this

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