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friday 28/12/2007

Don't believe to Xteritz. He or She didn't buy my Allstars

Yes, Vickie is sold, pls lock post, thx Mod

thursday 27/12/2007

I got Geuner Cr for 10 k .. you can closs this threat , Thanks

I m Trading my lvl 1 Hugo for you lvl 3++ Vansaar

Thank i got him for 29 400Clinzt you can closs this threat

Yes, i like to sell it in soleils smiley

I hawe but you offer price

Is berserkgirl x10 at market price now is nowhere near vickie?

Because He want monopol she

Oh boy... its not important about the capitalization or the spaces...just close this subject.... i've already bought one...

My deck is full and i cannot sell my other lv4 Perle, please lock this subject

I will buy TrinmkkT for 600 clintz

I need A Award Cr at 1 lev 0xp or elya cr 1lev 0xp or reine cr 1 lev 0xp or Ambrose Cr 1 lev 0 xp please help pay in cash

wednesday 26/12/2007

That is a horrible deal... if you did the math you would know you have 34k left for her... and I'm being generous with the numbers.

The other 1 is gone now too you can lock this thread modz

As the name says I want to buy Jackie and I'm offering 6,800 Clintz. Those interested can pm me or just post here.

No thanks. I can get him for much less on the market.

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She is in the New Blood packs now

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