saturday 10/11/2007

Hehe that's if you can sell even though it's not a reasonable offer smiley

Im looking for
dragan cr

and im offering splata geuner and seldnor for it

Wat do u mean by same Tessa?

GraksmxxT have been bought thx

Hello everybody !!!

I'm looking for the famous Lyse Teria smiley)

I can give a shawoman Cr 0XP and the rest in clintz or smaller Cr.

If somedody is interested, please contact me by private message smiley

Thanks in advance. Have a nice week end !

friday 09/11/2007

2 messages

Note, shadow-e12 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

Tell me how and ill do it

Not for one card. what i meant that i will like to trade my cards for other cards

I need Kenny. name me your price

I have ielena. i will take 3.5k for her or any good card but you cannot trade or sell so you gotta do something about it. keep it upsmiley

He's level 2, which is worth about 500 more on the market right now, don't know why, I'll sell him for 1,700 clintz. Send me message or post. His market offers atm are:
lvl 1: 1,350
lvl 2: 2,500 (not counting my card which is there now)
lvl 3: 1,700

thursday 08/11/2007

Contact me in pm..

Looking for beneficial investment? Try buying all Sigumund Cr cards on the market and selling them for over 500,000 clintz a piece!!! Talk about doubling profit!!! And people wonder how a guru like me got so much clintz so soon. smiley That's the tip for the week. Peace out people!

Need a lot more to make a deal with me.

Anyone who has the money should buy the first 7 Selsya Cr cards and sell them for 40,000 clintz each!

Like StormWind is not possible..and might never be possible in the future..use clintz instead or just play during the dailys to get credits! it will only take 1 day in the dailys to get those 5credits..

Have 1 at lvl 5.....mail me ur offer.....smiley

Whats the least for dragan cr

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