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wednesday 20/08/2008

Oh and both are fully leveled.

I got this card the other day...out of a new blood charcter pack...

Hey, can you pm me all of your G.H.E.I.S.T. and piranas cards? i wanna know also their prices. thank you smiley

Bump only 20k then

For 7300

just private sale me

Srry...can somone please close this i sold it to a guy who pm'ed me for 26k

Ah close this

9000 for Jackie

Currently looking for ( I just started this game today, and would only be able to afford a few, but am posting here to save a few dollars off the market. I gota start somewhere!
*Z Drone

I want to buy Emeth for lower price if you dont mind. Might buy for 2,700 clintz. Message me if you will sell it. Thanks!

No one sell?

tuesday 19/08/2008

I am buying Ratanah

If you sell PM me pl0x! with a price on it =)

Close this post u dont even no if hes selling or buying

Looking for:

Buying esalt for 950 clintz

1.full deck
3.cool attitude
4.new blood

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Why dont u pay them now?

This is probably unlikely but is anyone willing to sell a lamar cr for a dirt cheap price?

Selling gabrielle FOR 4400

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