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wednesday 26/03/2008

I've got one at level 5, what are you offering?

Thanks UR staff ure all the best smiley smiley AYAYAYYAYAY

Srry i pay 60k max for it please pm me smiley

I may be incorrect on this thought, but I think that for this to happen out of guild, the mods/admins would have to say they would uphold the rules of trading to this. Basically, if the mods/admins don't approve, no one will risk losing that card in my estimation, but as I said, I could be wrong. Good luck in any case.

Some of these ideas I've found correct and true, but some, not so much. In any case, I don't believe this is the correct forum for these thoughts......

Ok a Trimkkt

Do you vend sigmundCr por 2 lamarCr + splataCr ?

Mods can you close? I got the card i was looking for

I got it. Please close.

Can i have ur kolos?? plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

tuesday 25/03/2008

Ill trade 45k and a tanaereva =D?

I need a steve in order to make my rescue deck ready for elo. can someone plz sell me one. i can't trade cuz i never bought any credits.

So deal m8?

Buy. I want to buy it.

People, can you sell me Glorg a little cheaper than market price. (That is 3300 ctz) If yes, then write here and put Grolg on private sale.

Nvm u can close this subject smiley

Cool atitude rainbow and full deck

mods please close

Hey man i have got loma noju and marina pm if u want

What? first i didn't get a timmy. second i can't sell cards, im just buying them, and third you said you don;t care anymore. please close this

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