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saturday 09/08/2008

Make it 1000 clints and ill buy

I have one wanna trade? pm me

friday 08/08/2008

Worth a try smiley

I am in the process of trading for Kerry. If you haven't found one by the time I get it, I'll let you know. I'll make an offer then or talk trade if you have anything to trade.

Rowdy,i have no offer,you have to offer

Got Mikki, looking for the rest

Which nightmares do u have

Lookin to buy any junks or montanas
will trade also

Haha,very funny

Nvm,you sold taham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i told you to hang on to him

Hello I want to buy a lot of gary and phonos 0xp
if you have a gary or a phonos for me send me a message
we talk about the price after

I will buy Tafa, Mac Hen, Nympheea, Bree, Joao, Rass, Nanook, Gaia Noel, Buck, Hikiyousan, Gabrielle, and Lulabee.

Good luck man.

Looking for strong cheap cards

Do yourself a favor and buy it on market and save 200 clintz

Go look on the market. The lowest 5 star Vaansar is 900. Save a little bit of clintz smiley

I don't think anyone is going to sell half off

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