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wednesday 19/12/2007

Nevermind, i decided not to wait and jsut purchase them from the market Locky pleasesmiley

Haha guess what, they are all sold, you can close this now

Pm me, hoping for be lower than 9k..thanks.

Buying cards...preferabbly lower than the market

tuesday 18/12/2007

I'm buying Nightmare commons
Melluzine - 100 Clintz
Elixir - 100 Clintz
Endora - 150 Clintz

I dunno, It's a good card, bu, ELO-banned., That makes it less versitile

Cheese_14 sorry i dnt need those cards can you offer any better

So it seems i got the highest bid on juicy lord,,, 2.2k,,,, shouldn't i see him in my private sales?

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Already sold it. You can close this now.

1100 clinz i sell anita

Cancel my offer..I already got a Marlysa from GirlyLV..smiley

Yes the 1st one

1600 for both

Do you have GAIA? Can i buy it? How much you sell it?

800 for joao maxed out..
i really need it...

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