tuesday 10/07/2007


I´m buying lunatik at any level for a low price or a trade.

In equal value cards I have Kiki and Tanaereva for trade!!

monday 09/07/2007

First buy credits in shop

I give it to you for 950 in max level

Trade 5 hikiyousan lev max for rass

Ill give you what you want

Lvl 25 ain't 'new' haha

IF got TITUS NANASTASIA only 2700 clintz one and EYRton 3000clintz

I need amanda cr, rubie,andzatman i will trade cards or money for it

I am selling mojo fully evolved for 2750 clintz if you have any offers just pm me

MACUMBA (R) 4 sale ====> 4000 clintz

Hi, i like to buy Elya at 22000clitz, if anyone is selling add it to my private msg n drop me a pm, thank.

How much u sell for Saddy (R) and Vermyn N ?

Ok how much

Only respond to this post if you are interested in purchasing this card for market price or more

Ill trade you two leaders for both of them

sunday 08/07/2007

I have many Gaia cards at different levels and I will trade them for
Ombre Cr at any level or
A Award Cr at any level

Message me or post here if you are interested in the trade.

Or trade against lots of kerozinn

Please help me with Kenny...any level would do..please PM me....Thanks


You took my Reine Cr from your private sale, but you didn't gave me a Vickie in returen.......

Return my Reine Cr of put a Vickie in my private sale......

p.s.: i put reine cr in your private sale after i have recieved a private message from you.......

Yes whitehouse, I search card cr but not ambrose cr, beltran cr etc, only aldebaran, melissa, shawoman etc... I have more cards. Thanks smiley .

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