saturday 19/05/2007

I want decent offers not jokes!

A keanew for 300 clintz?

man, i'm really poor...

friday 18/05/2007

Ill trade you geuner for marinasmiley

How much do u want for it?

I have bunny (lvl1) if you wanna trafe fore a nightmare or freak

How much u selling ur Don?


Thats correct Sven the Maxd cards are mine smiley

thursday 17/05/2007

I have a vansaar pm smiley

It cost 700 in the market, but i can offer it to you by 400.smiley
What do you say..smiley

Have a maxed brutox what about wanda and someone else?????

Buying tank and othe La Junta Clan

All I need is Elya and laocr to complete them.I am farily new and would love to complete this clan.I have 20k and would like to get some help thanks.

Buying Ingsthra....
Private SALE

Indeed I am looking for Otakool I have 2k clintz and an Acid DC for trade it's not much but I thought I would give it a shot.

wednesday 16/05/2007

I have lewis but not dan

I will for 300smiley

Define not very high, i will sell you one if i know the price

Anybody ? state your offer here ? thankssmiley

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