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sunday 10/08/2008

So am I, but I find a way. Know anyone who has multiple copies of Katan and would be willing to sell 1 to me for 800 clintz?

saturday 09/08/2008

This auction will go on for about 3 days or after i see a really good bid. I will then Private sell it to the highest bidder

If anyone is intrested ill trade katan and 6.8k for a bloodh of any lvl

Do you have any decent junkz of sakrohm cards, cuz im looking to sell smokey and mayhem if your interested

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I would like a cheap John william and skiner thanks

Need Gabrielle real cheap! Will make a deal. Please help.

Looking for lv 1 pino send me private offers

The title says it all. Im looking for a Dr. Saw with 0 exp and 1 star for 1100 clintz if anyone wants to. Sell it to me in a private sale ....ty.

I want general cr for 50 clints but there is not way ill get that...robb is worth far more...he is underpriced as it is

Ill trade someone a boris and eve for her. pm me if interested

Rico will probably not end up that cheap ever again

Rarest i have is kenny i also haev lelena

I want zaltar

Charlie dude .. ugh mm.. 8k

I will trade for them

1000 clints


My dolores boss is on sale to you killorkiss, if u want it

I meant each

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