wednesday 14/11/2007

How much for Ashigaru or morphium

please reply


How much for Don PM me

What abut eve how much


ELIViRA= 2000
MARCO 3500

Easy:u need to buy credits

Yeah i`ll buy off course see the topic

Buying zatman name your price

I wanna the dragan cr pm to me

Hi i see you want buy junkz cards i have bunny and cristal im ready to sell or trade with other card thnz

I'm buying Perle for 2700c... Trade me okayy..?

Heheeh spamming 1 store at a time.

What you need?

Ok i got both Geuner and Seldnor so do you what to trade?

I got Lamar max pm me how much you are willing to buy it?

Also i nid jackiesmiley

Anyone willing to sell me a lvl 1 Z3r0 D34d for 500 clintz?

tuesday 13/11/2007

Firehawk : You can't sell your characters, sorry smiley

Note, dgk07 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
you can only buy cards and you have only 8 cards to sell you must have 9 cards

Are you buying cards

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