wednesday 16/05/2007

Define not very high, i will sell you one if i know the price

Anybody ? state your offer here ? thankssmiley

What u selling? i mught buy

Fine ill make it 290

I will buy Juicy Lord, Graff and Bhudd I want all of them min lvl and cheaper than in market

tuesday 15/05/2007

Arl sell u mine at 13500

Sry spelling error shd b Gary

Anyone selling cheap Don or Gray pls pm me thx ~~~

Prefer to buy both at a package. Thankssmiley

monday 14/05/2007

Buy graksmxxt to a razonable price ¡¡¡¡

I have vanzar, how bout 7500?smiley

Ill buy any uppers just give me reasonable offertssmiley

How do u want for baby q

How much u want for him that lower than 2500 cause i only have 1001

Sven aint the boss he is a normal player like every1 else that isnt admin

sunday 13/05/2007

I have some.
What's the price?

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