friday 12/10/2007

thursday 11/10/2007

Yea king's right, that is way too overpriced,,, unless ur talking bout pesos haha

Then i am SO screwed... i cant buy credits... smiley need a better job...

1500c for juicy lord

Please I need bristone less or equal 405 (that's all I have..) (level 1)
send me private sale please..

Sadly the only way that i am awear of is you must buy credits. I found the easiest way was to sms wat they ask for and enter the code. once this is done i dont think you will be restricted anymore throughout the game.

hope this helps

wednesday 10/10/2007

I really need it for my Lyf Deck

LOL PYROpunk your funny i guess you need to start saving

Jackie for 3500

Miacat u can't sell a dam thing yet, u gotta buy some credits in order to do that

Lol the market is the place you can get cards, you can use the message this section of the message board to try and make a quick deal or you can save up credits to buy packs from the shop ( 20credits = 3 cards)

If you want to sell, send me a pm..

Wat you willing to offer i have her maxxed

Okay so im getting aravated with this problem i'm having i want to get credits to buy cards but when i call the telephone number given on the page to get credits i think i get a sex line.....smiley can anyone help me out and let me know what im doing wrong?

Sell it to me about 1600-1650 (negotiable)
please reply to the subject or pm me

tuesday 09/10/2007

Go to the market its 750

Ill sell pm me

Ill sell u 1 5 -5.5k

Why's everyone (self included) interested in Ielena all of a sudden? I have her at level 4. Gimme a decent price and it's a deal... Don't even think about giving me anything less than a rare. PM with your offer or post it here...

Oh, and btw, not all collectors are rare... cheap people.

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I have Clara

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