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sunday 17/12/2017

Willing to trade for a sum amount of Rare or Uncommon cards as well preferably pricing around 70k+ and commonly seen in decks or deck staples and total quantity sums up to 1.7 million.

Hi i'd buy 15 chel (if theyre left)

I will buy Pilzken for 65k and Mokra for 80k, pm/ps if interested

Check the market and check your price smiley

saturday 16/12/2017

If no one bid in given time auction will extends for 30 min!!!

And done
Kcillc wins

Buy Lyse Teria Cr for 15,900k + 1 Behemoth 0xp (650k) and 1 Serafina 0xp (450k) = 17 million

Selling 50 Loan 0xp for 2.8k/u smiley


Hi! As it says I don't mind Nahi Cr xp as it is for my collection.

If you are interested send it to me.


As I am busy playing tourny I will announce winner some time pls be paitent!!!

And askai and benecio from jungo are now above 40k smiley

friday 15/12/2017

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