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friday 15/08/2008

I think u should close this post if hes not selling or buying

I need a good elo deck

If you have any cheap u cards from this clans please post them here with the price and I'll see if I can afford it.

A really cheap Rubie,Dorian,Frankie Hi or Samantha just to start off my 1st ever deck, will be VERY MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance!! smileysmileysmiley

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Selling cyan

I can sell You Gran Vista for 100 Clintz I have Goldie and Andsom you can offer price for them if you want

I can offer you Andsom Goldie Gran Vista if you want them PM me the price and who you want :]smiley

I have Goldie and Andsom if you want you can offer a price and PM me

I can offer you Onik for 800 Clintz Gran Vista for 122 and I have Goldie and Andsom you can offer price for them.If you want to buy Someone PM me

200 clintz

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Ill ahve is for free plz

And I don't want to sell my other cr's, because I use them.

Buying Hawkins message me dont post with your offers

So im buying a Kolos and Kenny
put up prices here, i will also do trades
just ask me if i have a certain card

Can anyone sell it to me for 2700. That's all the clintz that I have

thursday 14/08/2008

I got Gran Vista Goldie Andsom offer me prica PM if want someone

850 clintz for Onik

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Ill buy gwen one star for 1200 clintz pm me

Lol none of these people can sell at all

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