monday 05/11/2007

Trade seldnor want gneuner

Youst go to the market there can you buy cards for clintz youst go of buy of the card you want if you have the clintz you got the card

can you list acceptable prices for:
Bryan, Bruce, Jan Ramba, and Dorian?

Oyoh maxed 4 1.2k
lamar maxed 4 5.5k

Private sale me your lowest offers ... please...

I have 3303 now andt her after D i dont have berserkgirl Cr but i am going to gettingher after DJ Korr Cr

I have Murphun would you like to buy it.........................

if I can sell!!!???

No one want to sell corrina??

I got kenny and splata but all i want is lamar and xu52

I'm willing to buy Malmoth for 500 clintz.

I know it's not a good price, but I really need Malmoth.


Still looking jim cr smiley

How much for z3ro d34d ??

How about 450?

I have vassilli, eve, titus, gazelli, nanastasia

Oh, i didn't know this until now...

smiley how do I buy credits?

I have Fifly lvl 4 if you want to trade

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