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thursday 14/08/2008

Whats the cheapest your willing to let one go for?

How much for Marco?

I'm luking to buy lots of 1* Nympheeas...i'll buy em for 180 each

I will pay 1500 clintz

How much for all except cr's 2800??

Ill buy bloodh for 2800 clintz on private sale

I want :
All of your maxed cards but i hav hardly any clintz will u giv me a very cheap offer please
pm me

I'm looking for some cheap freaks specifically Olga post offers here or for faster response pm me

Goood luck with that

noon steevens

I will buy any card for 150 clitz

if they are a bit better e.g mort bax, dan i will pay 230 or we can arrage a price

pm me for offers thanks

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Close please all have been sold

Buy gwen 1*

500 clintz

Thrishmxxx x2 for me smiley

Mods close plz sold already

Plz close this post

If someone is willing to sell me a Dalhia at level one for a price range from 500 to 1700 clints, mail me.or if you decide to sell me a Bloodh at level one ill give you 2000. (please private sell me the cards)

Pm me your prices for Smokey and Katan not max. Thanks

Ive got a maxed esalt for sale and ill take any bid from 1500 to 2500

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