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thursday 07/02/2008

How much for Joao?

I have your Dan that you are looking for and i am willing to sell it to you for 659clintz

So this is at max level

Hey buddy remember me? you've gotten a lot more cards than I remeber when we fought

I need Leviatonn from gheist in any lvl
i give gaia noel *11 (all max lvl)
erpeto * 2 (max lvl and 3lvl)

Any body??? plz i barely have anymoney

If they're maxxed, I'll trade, 2Tanner and 500 for Rolph

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A fully evolved Marco for 2500

I like all your offers but i already have sold Kolos. thanx for the offers thoufh

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Do u have lamar?

I know dis is a long shot but if u want meg dat badly, i cn sell it 2 you 4 50clintz in da condition dat u pass me an sms code so i can sell it 2 u. this is just a suggestion.

Is kerozinn 0 xp?

Ive got a copper for 5500?

wednesday 06/02/2008

Umm,,,i guess not,,,,i said,,,,MODS. COULD U PLEASE CLOSE THIS THREAD,,,,,,,thank u,,,,lol

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Please close topic.smiley
both were sold

Does anyone have a Ielena or new meg for sale very ,very cheap. I have only 632 clintz . Please pm me if you have one for sale very,very cheap.smiley

R there who u want?

Fnx but i dont understand lol

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