sunday 25/11/2007

Im looking for these cards
kiki etc...
pm me or post your offers here

Want to buy Berserkergirl, Keanew, and Otakool, if anyone wants to sell give me a price please, Not too expensive.
I have some cards to exchange for, if interested in exchange pm me and ill give a small list of cards i have for trade.

10000 for shawoman and solei cards 1 kerozin 1 splatta

That's what i always said to werewolf..
but he won't listen to me smiley

I'm selling Platoona(C) from Bangers max level for 600 clintz and Alec(U) from Rescue for 1400 clintz.

Neeed this card really bad!
pm me or post your prices!
not more than 8000 if ok

Buying malmoth dont realy care about level but maxed is perferable post here

Gibson (maxed), 300 clintz, 8 attack, 4 damage with ability of stop opp bonus

8000max lv

What card is it?

Title says all talk 2 me for trade

Have a zatman

saturday 24/11/2007

I can sell u bridget pm me wid ur offer

I got a maxed gibson but idk if Asassin has already sold to you...

I got 1 much u buy for?

Anyone who is willing to sell graksxxT for 7000!!!^__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

Buying kiki cr 4mill

You're right, I'm closing this subject now and whoever tries to sell a card when he can't sell will be blacklisted for creating useless subjects

It was for whorever sellz you t3h rarez

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