sunday 30/09/2007

Leave offers please.. lower than market please..

And secondly..ur cards are overpriced =)

saturday 29/09/2007

4 messages

Ill give 1 of urs for 1 of mine

Ill buy, but idk how, im new a this

Silly offer i i would give most of my collection for that card

Need level 1 zatman for me if you want to trade

How much will u pay for it?

Selsya cr for a couple of the new recruits

friday 28/09/2007

How do you trdae cards??

Buying jane ramba very very cheap pls.....(very poor)

I have a spare chloe lvl 5
i think 12.800 is a good priece
if u have any all stars that u can trade tell me

Try start with lvl1......I know its hard to lvl up..juz like my 5 star...why cant bodenpower 4 star be 7/3 ?!?!?! why must it be 3/7!!!!!!! I keep dying cause hes 3/7 and hes hard to lvl up..

Tessa for 3 Kerozinn

thursday 27/09/2007

Well you never can be sure about people. I'm sure there are some people in UR who wouldn't pass up a chance to give someone a un fair deal, even though 0-dal-0 caught his mistake.

Its fine, its all cool, everyone starts somewhere, everyone wonders about this at some point. Some just catch the print early and others find out on the forums ;P

wednesday 26/09/2007

Hmm it doesn't seem that Lilfez_wmd is replying to posts made here any more, perhaps this thread should be locked?

Im new to this game but i got a lot of clints so i wanna no wot i can buy i hav 454clintz sum1 sell me something i dunno

How much for Loma Noju (R)

Buying Rass for 800 clintz full level

tuesday 25/09/2007

Post on the thread or whisp me on private.

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