wednesday 17/10/2007

Its sold

I think you have posted at the wrong part of the forums. Go to Introductions and Recruitment create a thread about your guild and remember to put the link of your guild. If players would be interested with your guild they will postulate and can be members of your guild.

tuesday 16/10/2007

Sorry you can't sell for now, you will need to buy credits from the shop first

Buy ombre cr for 28,000

Pls sell me cheap cards that are powerful


Sold it for 25000. Thanks all.

I am buying ombre cr for 26500 clintz i will buy more then one for my guild i think i have just enough for 5 ty

monday 15/10/2007

No, soz unless you have add clintz to the deal.

Thanx Joeroberts but i have all the cards that u have.


You can't sell bro, you can buy tho... smiley

Ive got 1 on the cards which is

GraksmxxT (R) - MAX-LV

To sell a card to kate, simply go to your collection in (non) pro view. Then she will offer you her buying price. You then click accept or just keep the card in your collection. You MUST also have 8 cards not includeing that one in your deck.smiley

sunday 14/10/2007

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Willing to pay 2000 for fully evolved

I've sold Dan and now Venus is maxed out.
Anyone still want her?

Bodenpower an Bridget are over priced

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