monday 19/11/2007

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Thnx im not interesed to bye any rots ill bye 2 of them

You can't sell any you want to trade them?and i know i can't trade too..smileymoderator how about you close this forum before someone fall to this people trap

Pm me what you are lookin for i nees Tanaereva, Gertrud, Tyler...

Ashida ur allowed to buy cards without buying credits just not sell them on the open market or privately

sunday 18/11/2007

Jackman1 you need to buy clintz in order to trade cards..smiley

lmi2 i have all the me your offers for each...smiley

600 clintz for slyde, larry and tshern

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Note, esam23 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
you have only 8 cards to sell you need 9 and then you can only sell to kate
buy credits in shop to unlook the sale funtion then you can trade or sell cards

I want any centinel cards, whether they suck or not. i want emmm. willing to trade w.e. and also

i will be selling cards CHEAP around 50 clintz for common cards so be prepareddd


saturday 17/11/2007

Please close this i have all of them now!smileysmileysmileysmiley

Sorry but i have saddy na!

I have new list .. plz closed this

I got bodenpower pm me

Pm me ive got all

The auction finish in wensday

What do you want for Vansaar (R)

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