saturday 15/09/2007

Buying Marina for below 2000, or some1 from Fang Pi Clang (Kinjo) or Sakrohm (Corrina or TrinmkkT)

smileydon't people ever read things properly , he is buying cards not selling them , he wants people to post prices so he can purchase the cards off them

Buyed, please, close this tread

What bid????

I have some colectors of Soleil and Lao, aldebaran, sigmund and melissa. Many rares! make your offer, I need a Lyse Terya

Otakool for 700

I am looking for methane/splata/ and xu52

please help mesmiley

friday 14/09/2007

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Any level ,1200?

I sell u a upper

How much for my don

I got 1 charle want to buy

I'll buy Zatman for 2500 clintz and Rubie for 1000 clintz..please...just put it in my private sales..

Kinjo,, kati,, windy mor...
if u want to trade it for miranda,, crassus,, beteenka,, bodenpower,, eve,, platoona

50 clintz nlng sa maciej mo

thursday 13/09/2007

I need to find a Kerozinn. All i have is 6043 clintz willing to pay all i have for one please help me. Message me if interested.

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Already sold...close the tread.

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