sunday 18/11/2007

600 clintz for slyde, larry and tshern

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Note, esam23 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).
you have only 8 cards to sell you need 9 and then you can only sell to kate
buy credits in shop to unlook the sale funtion then you can trade or sell cards

I want any centinel cards, whether they suck or not. i want emmm. willing to trade w.e. and also

i will be selling cards CHEAP around 50 clintz for common cards so be prepareddd


saturday 17/11/2007

Please close this i have all of them now!smileysmileysmileysmiley

Sorry but i have saddy na!

I have new list .. plz closed this

I got bodenpower pm me

Pm me ive got all

The auction finish in wensday

What do you want for Vansaar (R)

1000C for Boodenpower Adverage We and make and deal for 800 MSG me back

How much for Dolores Boss?

What do you want for Ashigaru??

I have a charlie. which card do you want to trade her for?? just message me asap

How much for Miss Chloe (R) PM me

How much for Oyoh (R) tell me price

Jim Cr _ Ambrose Cr _ A Award Cr _ Reine Cr _ Skullface Cr
got all them what do you want for all your soleils

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