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friday 15/12/2017


Uranus 0xp vs 22 #zlatar 0xp smiley

I want to sell #Shakra for 220k!!
Pm me!!
If interested!!!

smileysmileysmiley what I won ? smileysmiley yes thanks so much smiley

Shes down to 1.99 now

350 Phoebe 0xp 13k /e
100 Dianzi 0xp 12k /e (I have more, PM)

I can change my Xantiax Robb Cr for your #Kerozinn Cr + #Dregn + 250K clintz

Buying Xantiax Robb Cr for 2.36 mill

thursday 14/12/2017

950k on market rn

Make that 1.3mill not 1.18 mill

My 8 raven 0xp 145 k = 1 160 000
Your 1 butcher Braxton = 1 095 000
Instant profit 75 k

Can do 2 times. Pm

wednesday 13/12/2017

Eh again ......
sry please delete my posts

Lol again not this hah
really i must go learn read hah

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