tuesday 13/11/2007

If enyone have offers write to me

Sweet pic..lol....

I will sellin you my Miss Chloe, Copper, and Swidz just pm message me how much?

Got my kerozinn cr entertaining splata cr offers now.

I have Hax and i already have Linda, do you want to trade for anything else?

Take a look at my profile, all the cards im selling have been discounted a considerable amount from the lowest price that was on that card..for example if i saw bridget (5) for 5,000 i would put her for 4,800 smiley check my profile and scroll down for things im selling so hurry!

monday 12/11/2007

12 messages

Nvm, it sold

How do u get them

Tryin to build my deck?? who will help...

I have a couple of MAXED 5 Star cards...& will to pay less than market price...(not to break me)

Please PM me if you can help...madd propz

Pm me i have got splata

Nvm, i got it.

Do you have Myke or Winifred
P.S Privte mesage if you are interesed

7000 clintz looking for swidz

who want to sell send me a message

Wala pa ako nabibili eh.. ehehehe.... bkt?

3 splata 8 kerozinn
7 tessa beltran
for kiki cr just buy credits so we can actually trade. But i doubt you have it for some reason smiley

Trading MAXED keanew and MAXED otakool for a maxed leviatonn...pls

sunday 11/11/2007

a really good price is like 20,000-25,000
so if someone have it and want to trade it or that i will pay for him...talk with me!!!smileysmileysmiley

Note, firehawk247 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

Right first off it's clintz not dollers second the prices are alot less on the market

I am buying Perle (R) for 2300c. smiley

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