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sunday 16/12/2007

Admin please close this.. thanks


I sell Lamar for 12ksmiley

I have both maxed what do you offer??


I will seel

Wot do u want for him

I have python

The auction is over. I bought it for 20,000 clintz.smiley

Please sell me one swidz cr Please !!! I am begging all of you!!!!

Do you have GAIA (R)? How much you sell it to me?

Check the market

Well this is my right post..lol..k well anyways, Mod plz close this, i changed my mind and so on..lol..gonna post another one later on wat i really want.

Gah..whoops...sorry wrong post..sorry elf..lol. Just looked at the flag..lol.

saturday 15/12/2007

Splata Cr for A Award Cr??

Or Exchange for another cards

Does anybody sels lamar

I need kerozin cr.I give you 850 clintz and leaders:Hugo and bridget

I am intrested in buying Kerozinn Cr, tradeing Leaders, Rare Cards for it.

Bmcmnf no not good enough check out market value for guidence of offer (I will accept pretty much anything close to it)

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