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monday 16/06/2008

If u have some pm and post them here( pm me is faster) also if ur willing to trade put what u collect too so it would be easyier

sunday 15/06/2008

Nevermind about jeeves everyone i got enough clintz to buy him at market so i dont need him anymore =]

Nvm i just got one in market so i dont need jeeves anymore =]

Done, please close

101 clintz cheaper than the market lol

Svetlana no but do you have any rescues

I am looking for cr lesser than market value. PM me with offers.

I will trade my Max Lamar Cr for an Ombre Cr plus 2k clintz its an even price message me please

Yes i am looking for a Hawkins plz if you can message me your offers

Looking for anyone to sell me some cr s cheap
just pm me

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Close plz...thanks to everyone for the "interesting" offers but my guildies helped me out smiley

All these cards have been soldd plz close this thread

It costs less on the market smiley




I sold alla these cards..
close the thread

How much money you got?

Im selling chiro from la lunta for 750 clintz its a bargain so get on in there

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