wednesday 05/09/2007

U cant sell!!!!!!!!!!!

Im buying dr saw for 1k anyone?

tuesday 04/09/2007

You read right! I´m buying a Selsya CR

I pay 10.000 Clintz for her, or trade for a Miss Twice Cr, or for a Page CR


Miss ming -327
lihoi chun -160

please buy someone!!!!!

Miss ming -327
lihoi chun -160

I need ZATMAN for atleast 3000 clintz or less...
please pm me or reply to this subject...

also looking for rubie for a cheap price...


Already got 1. smiley
closed please

Or kinjo and loma noju for tessa

Can anyone sell me cheap junkz? even those almost wothless ones, just sell them cheap for me

Can anyone sell me cheap junkz cards? even those almost worthless ones. just sell them to me at very low prices can you?

monday 03/09/2007

I can give 3 copies for lyse teria

Cross out Malmoth, Veenyle, Mikin Moose, and Noodile. And i probably don't have enough clintz for Nahi nor Keanew unless either is cheap

Buy on market

You know .. I must apologize .. I didn't even realize that he might be offering a maxxed out card. If so, then I'm sorry that's a good deal for today's market price compared to other maxed cards. Nevertheless, I'm so used to just looking at the cheapest offered card with plans to level it up myself that I don't even consider looking at the higher level'ed cards ... So, sorry.

For 5000 or a Mininum of 2000 for Mininum

Lots? thats not even half what i got lolz smiley

sunday 02/09/2007

Lolz no matter close thread

Buying Dorian 1700
and Rubie 1300

Buying SkrumxxT..leave your offers..

(below market price only please..)


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