sunday 11/11/2007

I wanna yayoi.. named your price smiley

LOL...It's cheaper on market.

Also selling kerozinn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im am buying cassio, pm me with an offer
ps. reasonable offers


saturday 10/11/2007

I am buying a Mona and a flesh pimp for a reasonable price. I am willing to buy a level 1 of these cards.

I hab kerozinn and splata (trade)pm me

Well anyone selling

I want bobby. i will trade Don for him and maybe even 300 clintz as well

Price is But nothing higher than market.

I will sell her to you for 50000 clintz

Hehe that's if you can sell even though it's not a reasonable offer smiley

Im looking for
dragan cr

and im offering splata geuner and seldnor for it

Wat do u mean by same Tessa?

GraksmxxT have been bought thx

Hello everybody !!!

I'm looking for the famous Lyse Teria smiley)

I can give a shawoman Cr 0XP and the rest in clintz or smaller Cr.

If somedody is interested, please contact me by private message smiley

Thanks in advance. Have a nice week end !

friday 09/11/2007

2 messages

Note, shadow-e12 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits

Tell me how and ill do it

Not for one card. what i meant that i will like to trade my cards for other cards

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