thursday 30/08/2007

I have Willy (R), Phonos (U) and some more, msg me if you interest.

What level is your Vansaar on. i might be able to trade you my Hikiyousan for it.

5,000 clintz. fair enough price? then sell him to me. smiley


Who want some of my card to trade with zatman?
loma noju

Selling kati for 3100 lvl max

Lol pakyu!!!ahahaha

I found a mistake "eath" should be eather and there should have been an or in between Thaumaturge Cr and Dwain Cr

Ummm....I realize you're new to the game, but don't do that crap. It wastes space, and it wastes the time of people wanting to buy and sell stuff.

You make your offer. must be lower than in the market.

Hey you have problem for this hah!!

wednesday 29/08/2007

I would not like to trade Mort Bax even if i had credits............

Any offers for 500-600 for Loma Noju?

tuesday 28/08/2007

Already traded.

may close this smiley

Nanook for 650 =)

or trade against nastrok
or uxoho and oyoh

Hes buying one for 500.

I shall pay 4k send a private trade if your are ok with that price.

monday 27/08/2007

Please be lower then market price

Somebody please!

Please sell me less than 1k

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