wednesday 29/08/2007

I would not like to trade Mort Bax even if i had credits............

Any offers for 500-600 for Loma Noju?

tuesday 28/08/2007

Already traded.

may close this smiley

Nanook for 650 =)

or trade against nastrok
or uxoho and oyoh

Hes buying one for 500.

I shall pay 4k send a private trade if your are ok with that price.

monday 27/08/2007

Please be lower then market price

Somebody please!

Please sell me less than 1k

If you aren't personally involved in the trade.. your commentary on it is not necessary.


Wow, I bought him for 6.5k

sunday 26/08/2007

If you want to trade your Lyse Teria Cr, I have for you:

225.000 Clintz +
1x Lao Cr +
1x Sigmund Cr +
3x Elya Cr+
8x Page Cr +
4x Splata

I Also accept Guru Cr, DJ Korr Cr & General Cr smiley ehehehehehe..


Forget it... its too late..smileysmiley

Veenyle is damage reduce.

saturday 25/08/2007

I got to back out of this one want to try and make my money back

friday 24/08/2007

I think that will be hard next week she will be a CR

I need one of this card i change

Buy in the market using ur clintz... or collect credits,go to the shop,and purchase a booster pack...
and also,u can buy credits in the shop...

Looking for cheap offers please

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