tuesday 06/11/2007

Uxoh 400 and Jane Ramba 250 please thank you

Ok i ll give buy it for 50000smiley

If you have and want to sell it how much will you sell it to me smiley

Maxed Card Morphun(R) Trade for your Kenny (R)

I well take a prices that i can afford?

How about 500

Can you sell me tessa at a lower price

How much for your Emma?

I will give you 250 for both if yo want then pm me

Plz will take any for a very lower price?

Pm me on what you got

monday 05/11/2007

Looking for junkz for cheap prices

Close this plz i acidentally clcik enter while i wasnt finish

Buying a level 1 or 2 vladamir for 850 clintz. If you will sell to me, please just message me. Thank You!.

Assassin Cooke smiley

Ill buy malmoth 300 clintz

Buyin gd lvl 1 atack cards

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