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saturday 05/04/2008

I've got some extra

Vickie..maxed for a couple of the cheap cr's..any interested

Looking to buy or trade for Elya,

Please PM me with offers. Thx

I'm all for that deal.

friday 04/04/2008

Modz please close this smiley

Title says it all

if you don't have Miss Twice then I'll entertain offers MSGed to me.

What u got

I selling ielena, for like market price.... btw...


I've sold all I wanted to sell. This thread can be closed thnx

Ill take them 4 5k if ur interested?

900 for Zoltan

PM me about Yookie and Shakra if you'd like to buy.

Buying fangpi cards tell me if you have Yuske Macumba Linda

I will sell you mine for 2300

thursday 03/04/2008


I'm trading my OMBRE with your REINE and I'm also trading my SPLATA with your SKULLFACE

If interested, please mail me.


How much for estalt

I really want kenny i will buy him lev 1 for around 18,000 or higher levels for more

Doesn't matter what exp, but i'm looking to pay around 18k, if anyone is interested pleast let me know, it's a bit under market price I know, I can add some more if needed.

I got steve kerry and lea

This should go in the Tournements and Events forum

Mods please close, he isn't trading or selling cards

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