monday 05/11/2007

Still looking jim cr smiley

How much for z3ro d34d ??

How about 450?

I have vassilli, eve, titus, gazelli, nanastasia

Oh, i didn't know this until now...

smiley how do I buy credits?

I have Fifly lvl 4 if you want to trade


sunday 04/11/2007

1st he is buying not selling second just save up and check the market

How much for any of one or your leaders?


I`ll pay 7500 for a unevod or evoed

plz man

put it in my private sells is u wanna give smiley

Yeah i no i was hopen to find some1 who would do it anyway

How much for dorian ??

How much is vassili lvl 2 worth

DUDE!! how many times do i have to tell cann sell or trade characters privatly or in publicsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I can give 7000 no more

Wow first when i got it it sayed 25k. then i checked and it sayed 17. now 15k? wow. ill hold onto it lolz

You should contact with Jack Sparrow a Mexican player he has General Cr and is looking for your Manon and some clintz,

How much for you Lao Cr I can trade it for Solei characters or new collector message me in privatesmiley

Post here or feel free to just send me a private sale. I may or may not accept depending on the price and the playability.

Over 21k to spend ATM, another 100k later on.

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