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tuesday 10/06/2008

Im wanting to buy a Tessa Cr or Miss Twice unplayed, im willing to pay 45k for tessa and about 25k for miss twice, if you want to get rid of one of the 2 and think thats to cheap shoot me a price, i would really like to have one if not both. smiley

2000 for Ielena (R)?

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You've been asking people for a Buck so many times now ( believe me I saw it )
I don't think someone would do this....
just saying....

I'm willing to trade and buy. . just pm me. .

I'll will buy one

Ok buying:

and spycee

all for 12k

I'll sell you tessa for 420000, very good price. no one better! good price. buy now!

Hey i'm looking for Sentinels. I need a Z-Drone for about 600 clintz?
any one out there willing to sell? Or if you have any other Sentinels you'd like to sell i'd be more than happy to hear the offer and possibly buy the card

What clan is tompson? are you buying or selling?

Buying Smokey for 1500 clint level 1 private sale me thanks

monday 09/06/2008

Can you do a 80 discount? for a nina?

I can tell that's not enough for all four.

5000 great price but I don't want to wait on the market.

How much

Im buying a nina for 100, any people wana ofter theirs?

Look i'm tryin to buy a Lolly for 130 clintz. Any one wanna sell it to me for that?

Got about 13k and want to get to these cards...willing to do Clintz and trade if interested pm's plz

He's level 31, green faced, and in UpperClass... Looks OK to me. If he doesn't fulfill his part contact a mod/admin and report them as a scam artist.

HOWEVER it is best if he answers how he would like to collect the clintz.

He can either:

Sell you a card & You keep it
Sell you a card & if you don't send it back for 50 clintz you don't get your ticket
You sell him a card for 50 Clintz and then he sells it back for the ticket.

all three works

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