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sunday 02/12/2007

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How about u sell all them for about 8k for all then i sell u lama (r) for 8000clints?

How much is a good offer??


saturday 01/12/2007

Please, i buy Vladimir for 580 clintz or a little more!!!!

Ill sell u both for 3k

Im selling candy jack, gibson, and murphy on the market.

Candy Jack lvl 3 - 1000 clintz (nightmare)

Gibson lvl 3 - 460 clintz (junkz)

Murphy lvl 3 - 1500 clintz (montana) (RARE CARD)

These cards make great additions to any junkz, nightmare, or montana deck! Remember, they are on the market.

Nvm, bought it off the market. But thanks! smiley

I will buy, just put it in my sales smiley

I will sell her 5000

Lost hog is gone now

20k an we hav a deal

Cuz u have purchased credits!

Dont trust him!!!!! He is thief! i dont have 2 splata cr 2 kerozinn cr !!! dont buy anything from him!

Im selllin zdrone lvl 5 on the market for 1500 clintz.

Ill give you 800-1000 for it

I'll buy her for 6000c.....add her to private sale if you like my offer....smiley

Trading uranus ( MAXED) for Boris (any levevl) plssss...

friday 30/11/2007

Done smiley the topic can be closed

I got Tessa (3 or 4 stars) please messgae me on price smiley

Note, FehMx cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

you dont have purchased credits yet to sell public and privar sells

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