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tuesday 15/04/2008

End plz no offers and i already sold some cards

This is a really old post 25/11 .. i doubt its still correct/active

should be closed.

Looking to buy a mona for around 1.6k - 1.7k

so who wants to help me out here ?

monday 14/04/2008


..you can close.. either or delete this topic. pointles for it to stick around anymore.

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1000 1credit

I am looking for a Kolos (R) at about 10,500 Clintz.
Price may be negotiable.
Please PM me if you would like to make/negotiate a trade.
Thank you.

Its my reine for lamar and money or cards.

How can i trade cards wight my friends ?

I've stumbled onto a 0 XP Ombre Cr. He can also be used in a trade.

I have Bodenpower and Platoona u need any?

Stormwhisper has already smashed this lie in another Staff thread. It isn't true. They talked to the card developers and they say that no card will be released or is being made that is anything like this.

Mods please close this pointless lie of a thread.

Ouc Had the biggest bid so i will enter in negotiations with him

Kaso di pa kobumili ng credits eh

No one will accept that offer..LOL!

Im swapping a vansaar lvl 1 for a vansaar lvl 5 coz i cant be bothered 2 train him up please trade people

I mean onik and 1000 clintz

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That was exactly my train of thought aswell, if some one needed the clintz i can offer them a definate quck sale value.

This can be closed Mods.
Please and thank you.

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