thursday 01/11/2007 you lack attention or something? when will you ever learn that you can't trade or sell your cards to anyone in still haven't purchased credits yet..this is like your third post in here concerning that you want to sell or trade your cards..YOU CAN'T SELL or TRADE..and you only have 11 characters in your collection so stop wasting our time..

Well now he can. first he coulkdn't

Selling marco lv 5 for 20k or best offer!

wednesday 31/10/2007

Selling two maxout Dorian 2300 each. Buy now and save your time for leveling


Hi lol 1000 and don for lulable or 2000 for lulable

And elly mae also

I have kenny who wants buy
and how mutch

Who wants to give me splata for 6000

@dread sakurai: ok, now you're just getting anoying. i won't sell nahi cr for 10k and obviously i won't waste my time answering stupid offers like the rest.

@jimbo: unfortunately I don't have a lyse, that's probably the collector I want the most...

Ratanah for 139 clintz.......(WARNING:This is extremely cheap.....if you accept it,then you lose it)

I will buy it or trade for it
just tell me how much (within reason ofcourse)

tuesday 30/10/2007

Try a lil higher

Larry already canceled the trade smiley
So anyone want Linda, put Lamar in my private sale to trade smiley

Thread close got one from 81ShawRaceEVO

monday 29/10/2007

Still Buying Boris 1000 Clintz...smiley

Sell Privately ASAP

Ill pay 11k or kerozinn

Wow dude...uh its 1k+ broski

Ill sell her to ya for 13.5k?

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