sunday 13/01

Hello!! I am looking to trade or sell my Sum Sam Cr 0xp and Ombre Cr 0xp. I am interested in both cash and some other cards.
Do not hesitate to contact me

I am interested in the trade, plz check your mailbox, thanks.

As title, PM me if you interested.

Jakie cr 0xp?

I add 1 Cortez 0 Xp to the offer.

I trade my Jackie Cr 0 xp for your Caelus Cr 0xp or my Jackie full xp for your Caelus full xp.
Direct trade, no complements.
Pm me if you are interested.

Right now, it is January 13 7:31PM GMT+8 when I am typing this post.

This offer is valid until January 15 12:00PM GMT+8.
As long as you send me a PM before the stipulated time, I will consider your offers and help sort a deal, even if if it is after January 15 12:00PM GMT+8.

B Mappe Cr Vickie Cr Caelus Cr Jackie Cr by Lyse Teria Cr
interested send Mp

Hi, I'm looking for Vermyn N 60k/e

saturday 12/01

I am looking for a Thaumaturge Cr 0XP valued at 650K

I will trade in return a Dwain Cr 0XP valued at 600K and a Globumm Cr 0XP valued at 50K.

If you have a Thaumaturge Cr 0XP and wish to do this trade, you are welcome to. No other offers will be accepted for this trade.

Thank you for your time taken.

Looking to trade my cards:
Kiki Cr 0xp
B Mappe Cr 0xp
Lamar Cr 0xp
Vickie Cr 0xp
Crook x3 0xp

I am looking for:
General Cr 0xp
NDololo Cr 0xp
Aldebaran Cr 0xp
Berserkgirl Cr 0xp
Skullface Cr 0xp

B Mappe closed.
Well, thanks everybody.

Thanks smiley

Its been awhile sense I posted on here.

I'm selling my 0xp Flavio Cr for 1.8M

As the title says, I wanna trade my 0xp Dragan Mt for a DJ Korr Cr smiley

Send me a private message if you're interested. I will only be able to reply in around 10 hours, though, so be patient smiley

Buying Tessa Cr ny rxp 3m private sale it to me ty smiley

friday 11/01

I'm looking for a lot of Raoul 0xp 2.5k/e

4500 each now. Also looking to buy Tula 0xp @4k each.

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