monday 08/10/2018

Type 3 matches me quicker than type 1 did tbh. Matchmaking is idk if its some problem or just less players but yesterday last day of efc season 18 in the evening i couldnt find opponents for a solid 10 minutes(i checked the battle history due to curiosity) and this happened 2 times. In tourneys also sometimes it shows no opponents found but i can bet on it to give me opponent under 30-40 seconds in worst case scenario ,well atleast well its in progress.

sunday 07/10/2018

hot logo UR 36 messages

See ya smiley

saturday 06/10/2018

thursday 04/10/2018

I understand the drive for change. Just looking for transparency.
It's customer service 101.

I also understand that UR has a small staff, so it's probably easy for people to get spread thin. That being said, transparency with change doesn't take a lot of bandwidth as long as you expectation set and prioritize it.

tuesday 02/10/2018

Let's go full Deathmatch with Survivor and give a x3 exp bonus for every two wins.

saturday 29/09/2018

Will Mikki go into hiding and cr and eventually be spotted and killed by graks ex fiancee? smiley

friday 28/09/2018

WAT? Rare 60k card for the weekly EFC TOP-10? Guys, would you mind to change it?

wednesday 26/09/2018

I miss the 'preset of the week' newsletter. smiley

tuesday 25/09/2018

THANKS for getting the Collection pro working!

monday 24/09/2018

If she's a cosplayer, then I'm a hentai character.

sunday 23/09/2018

600K-800Ks range in my opinion. While I acknowledge GraksmxxT Mt is a strong card, he was at one point easy to get being a Rebirth Prize in Arcade Mode in the past. I view his price to be similar to Spyke Mt`s price.

The other thing is many old players at this stage would most likely have at least 1 Graksmxxt Mt at this point and some of the market Big-shots should have multiple copies at this point.

friday 21/09/2018

Is there now. Graax

tuesday 18/09/2018

Sorry, Legend, but I'm gonna claim Tobbie got banned because I fury KO'd someone with him during thematic weekend, and the resulting salt mountain that came with that play buried him. smiley

sunday 16/09/2018

Awesome. Hope you'll be celebrating many more!

@misskyoka: In case you ask how you can contribute a fan fiction for the next issue, you can send me via pm your idea and we will talk about it.
In case you ask how to write, you just need imagination, but it is totally ok if you just expand the bios of the cards. You can even create your own characters with their own stories.
You can do anything with imaginationsmiley

friday 14/09/2018

Oh I thought it was still going on since I have trouble entering survivor for some reason.

Predictions for tomorrow's release? Dominion, Riots, Sentinel and Skeelz

thursday 13/09/2018

The clan was among the most popular.
We decided to operate a swap Christopher - Crowen. This change aims to make the clan a little less solid in Z Palace, without making it too much weaker. Also, a NB is coming soon for them…

- - - - - -

The clan was rarely played.
We noticed that removing Lagertha, the clan strongest offensive card, was a blow too big for the clan to handle.
As announced last month, we decided to try our other idea: keeping Lagertha in Z Palace, but lowering Langren to Polit Arena.
The clan will receive a new 3* card in the near future, in place of Raskal.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, no change needed.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, no change needed.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, no change needed.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, but #dr web spotted the highest match winrate stats for a 2* card. She also allows the clan to play too easily unbalanced formations such as 2-6 or 3-5.
We decided to change her ability from -3 opp. power and damage min 3, to -2 opp power and damage min 2.
This, in conjuction with a new 4* card coming really soon, should keep the clan on a good level and make it less reliant on the couple Pr Balthazar - Dr Web Ld.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, no change needed.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking.
Fomalhaut Ld was one of the least played LD in Z Palace. We noticed the clan has a very big number of conditioned or situational card, and we think he would be much better with a more reliant ability.
We decided to change him from 9-2 equalizer: +1 Life to 8-4 +3 Life.
In addition, we decided to restore Tara in place of Virginia. Virginia was a very old card that restored to help the clan climbing the ranks, but since the clan is now fine, we think she can go back to Polit Arena.

- - - - - -

The clan was nicely placed in the ranking.
We decided to swap ZRobbie with Westwood to try and keep it under control as a mono-clan deck.
We also decided to change Aviria Ld stats from 7-6 to 8-5, to make her a more solid pick in T2 and T3 formats.

- - - - - -

The clan was rarely played.
We made no changes, as a NB is coming soon for them.

- - - - - -

Ulu Watu:
The clan was average in the ranking, but Lianah Ld resulted to be one of the least used LD card in EFC.
We decided to try and change her from 7-3 Heal 2 max 12 to 8-3 Heal 2 max 10, to make her a more solid card overall.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, no change needed.

- - - - - -

The clan was average in the ranking, no change needed.

- - - - - -

Last but not least, we restored (in Z Palace exclusively) the old elo deck rule « No level 1 cards ».

Good UR! : )

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sunday 09/09/2018

Thank you UR. Got myself almost 100 free credits smiley

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