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tuesday 21/07/2009

Come in The DA and you'll get prizes we are frindly just come now http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=630729

Close please Wize offered me to join his guild.

Hello and well come to Terran commanded this guild was made by me for one reason so any Starcraft fans could join and talk to fellow starcraft players. there are a few very simple rules in this guild that i will now list. after the rules i will list the benefits of joining.

Rule 1. listen to your commanding officers insubordination will not be tolerated .
Rule 2. be active in the forum if you think there is a way for us to be better please say something.
Rule 3. be active and have a good time.

there are three benefits for joining

1 there will be people you can talk to about starcraft or any thing else you chooses.
2 there will be a weekly card give away prize will vary
3 we can help you with almost anything you need

Here is a link to the guild

I am recruiting any new people for the guild, A 'n' D Warriors. I am willing to allow anyone who like to battle for no reason, unless want to gain clintz, credits or be top. There is nothing really good about this guild other than being part of a guild, and and having someone to always battle. We lack things like giveaways and events since we don't have proper funds or don't meet the required level to organize events.

So here are our requirements:

*You must fight most battles and try not to flee, unless you must. You have to have a orange face or higher.*
*Accepting level 5 or more*
*Must be english speaking*

Our guild page where you could join.

P.S. A 'n' D Warriors stands for "Armed and Dangerous Warriors.

monday 20/07/2009

Pleaz destroy this subject we have to shut the guild down

From an ancient society known only by a select few shall rise again.
The members of this guild shall once again rise from depths of hell and heaven itself. WE are the legendary race of warriors that will kill the good and the bad. The Juntas had gotten help from us by saving Bryan (R) and Burger (U). We are also known for helping the Montanas Don (U) and Edd (R) out of some tough spots with the Sentinels. We have found our northern brothers and sisters of warriors that went under the name of Revolution so we changed our name to Bloodline Revolution the first time in centuries that the name has been changed.

1. has to be level 12 or above
2. does not have to be on everyday but has to come on at least once a week
3. help other guild members out if needed
4. any member can invite any level person into the guild just make sure you tell me or an admin

we have levels from 13 to 32 so we can relate to most players we can help all you have to do is ask
we can help if you want to make an alliance then pm me if you wanna combine guilds with mine pm me and we can work something out where

sunday 19/07/2009

saturday 18/07/2009

friday 17/07/2009

I hate the fact my guild made this event
*sigh* we will get annihalated

Maybe u can help me, u sound intelegent.smiley like u i just kind of breezed thru the rules, so i dont know to much. i removed some1 from my deck and it sez i still have him (timber) but i cant see him. is this a glithch, supposed to happen, is there a way to fix itsmiley? need helpsmiley


Hi!smiley Welcom to Urban-Rivals!smileysmiley

You shouldnt of left OA

Join "Perfection" and become "perfecct"

If you're interested, join THE NEXT BIG WAVE!

Check it out...


Soon I and the admin (Still looking for one.) will make tournaments that will give you a lot of clintz, if you're good enough to beat the rest. smiley

I'm not sure about the good cards, but maybe once you have enough clintz you will be able to get awesome cards! smiley

Friendly people and active ones too.

Join alpha squad 13x

Yo trying to get membersr for my group.. where goin to climb the ranks and take out number one and i hope you are active.

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