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wednesday 13/12/2017

I offer cards and clintz
4m clintz + Tanaereva cr + A Award cr 0 xp + Jackie cr + Splata cr + Selsya cr 0 xp and Ombre cr 0 xp

My offer:-

3 Khann
2 Fei
3 Stella
3 Petra
4 Miss Stella
1 Mokra
1 Virginia
1 Liona
2 Matriochka
2 Bryan
1 Mercury
1 #charlie
2 Rubie
8 Pandora

You can negotiate!!!!

Ps , it's my fav card to , happy holidays!

Ooo cheers bro

Lmao yes im drunk smiley closing thread auction started lololol

HSKlownz = d man smiley

Lmao smiley i thought you were looking for the 0xp so you were ignoring the full xp one haha , congratulations smiley

Cards sent and received smiley Time for a new card to auction smiley

1x Marco Cr Full XP (SOLD)
1x Shann Cr 4* (SOLD)
1x Byron Full XP (SOLD)

Hello guys
My super awesome #Quetzal 0 xp (739k)
For your Behemoth 0 xp or full (680k) + 50k

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