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monday 03/12/2007

Sorry guys changed my ELO deck opinions...

I have arround 180 cards pm and tell me what you want

All cards are sold

Selsya Cr for 2 swidz ,havok and nistarok

I am currently selling a 0xp NDololo cr. name your pricesmiley

Jane ramba
pm me with your offers

I got whole set make me a offer

No. i need old cr. i realy wanna trade it for Sum Sam cr

I am willing to buy Juicy Lord for 1600 clintz... sell it 2 me rite away n i will buy it ASAP smiley

Hugo for 345

Baby Q 2800

If you got a hikiyousan and willing to sell it for 1220 can u send me a private sale and i will accept it ASAP

sunday 02/12/2007

I also want vassili

Yes, go to the shop and move ur mouse over each pack. It will tell u wats in it. By the way, you posted this in the wrong place.

Charlie and ambre if enybody has these cards and want to sell pm me

And i have uranus i sell it to you for 1.3k

I got yayoi at lvl 2?

Sorry dont close yet im selling

3 diyo

18 000 take it or leave it

What u willing to trade?

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