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thursday 17/04/2008

I'm willing to trade some of my cards for Elvira
just pm me if you're interested to trade an Elvira for


No eed anymore I bought.

wednesday 16/04/2008

Hi I am looking to buy Lao CR please PM me prices thanks.

I buy it for 10k

Hence i bid 12021 in Trade/card value =p
spam on.

He told me when i PM him with 48k that he was looking for 55k, and wouldnt sell at a lower price although market value is below 51k

Please close both were sold.

Erver notice how a new clan comes out every 6 monts?well rescue been out for about 6 months and many think theres a new clan comeing.neway i should shut up,but when the new clan comes out,i will buying EVERYONE of them max lvl
ty for reading

I'm buying Rolph PM your prices preferably 1500 clintz

Ill bye ella 200 clintz

Pm me for offers.good ones pleasesmileysmileysmileysmiley

Now for 20k.

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Please this thread, I have already bought one on the market.

Thank you.

I want 2000C buy one Rosa Card.

I'm looking for a Kerry around 4000. I'm willing to go a little higher, just not at the 4,800 that everyone on the market seems to be crazy about -_-

I wan't Rosa and Edd , I wan't pay 4000C total . if you wan't sell to me .pls pm me , thank you very much. smiley

Flesh Pimp - 500 Clintz
Murphy - 1000 Clintz
Simon - 270

Not Leveled Please ..


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