saturday 03/11/2007

How mutch for methane

I am willing to trade Oyoh for Alec. mail me if interested.......... smileysmiley

I don't have 9000 clintz. i only have 2.5 k but i can trade a card for him

Ill buy baby q for 900

I will buy Lulabee for 1900 lvl 1

friday 02/11/2007

Diyo For 3000
Geuner fOR 3000

How much for ashigarusmiley

Lolz shakra is only worth like....1 rescue card lolz! and thats the lowest one....

Ive got clara in pussycats how much will you give me pm me GOOD PRICES ONLYsmiley

Willing to trade or sell Shakra lvl max or lvl one...........your choice.

You gotta buy credits from the market

I don t fink he has like 150 dubbels

I have marco

thursday 01/11/2007


Any level... 1 to 4... any offers please

Tanaereva cost way low


MAXED 1100 you lack attention or something? when will you ever learn that you can't trade or sell your cards to anyone in still haven't purchased credits yet..this is like your third post in here concerning that you want to sell or trade your cards..YOU CAN'T SELL or TRADE..and you only have 11 characters in your collection so stop wasting our time..

Well now he can. first he coulkdn't

Selling marco lv 5 for 20k or best offer!

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