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saturday 15/12/2007

I bid 330 Clintz. smiley

I would like to exchange Kerozinn Cr , Elya Cr , Seldnor Cr , and 77k clintz fro a Marlysa Cr PM me if interested

I am selling splata cr does any one want to bye ie p.s it is going for 30000 clintz

Actually I thought it was Dj Corr Cr

Ill sell it to u for 2650

10000 clintz for my lamar

Hahahahahaha raynos looks stupid offering natrang for 751 clintz! lol smiley

I will buy him for 10000 clintz please

Trading a level 5 Tessa Cr for a Splata Cr.

14,500 clintz for Timmy (R)?


Does any1 have a Bondepower they can sell me very cheap? smiley

What card still there 4 sale?

Dw i manged to get erpeto!!!

Have a lvl 3 Uranus, and hope to trade for a Lulabee with at least lvl 3 as well. smiley

Looking for a Kinjo(U) card. If you can sell me this card PM me. Current budget: 1,000 Clintz

Trading steve for miss chloe!!!

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