monday 22/10/2007

Sellling peeelere at level 5 only 48000 message me or look on the market

Can't sell yet hasn't purchased credits

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Close this forum please i needed one 3 months ago

Sorry but no, but i want a price over 3000 smiley

Is there a card u are after? What level is your vickie?

Thatz the price you get for it in the market!! i already have it though but i thought id tell u

Save the message bro..the one he sent you..and the one you sent him for the should be in your inbox and the other should be in your outbox..notify any of the admin or moderator..i.e. StormWind, he could help you with can be properly investigated from there..evidence can be seen in your sales/purchase history..including the other guy's sales/purchase was properly posted by StormWind himself in the community message board regarding "trading rules" that this kind of act will not be tolerated..the guy who scammed you will be blacklisted if proven guilty..

BUYING A GRAKSMXXT for a considerable price smileysmiley

sunday 21/10/2007

Sorry bud but with that much, u can't get like anything. Just go to tournaments and u get at least 50 clintz each time.

I will sell lulabee

I'm buying lelena or 3000 clintz, lvl 1. I can't really private trade so maybe we could set up a time and trade in public? smiley lol...anyone? smiley

Do you want noon stevens for 220 this is good to buy because my noon stevens is MAX LEVEL.

smileySelling Natrang, meyen, aldo, noon stevens for

Make it 4000

Sakazuki for 1050 clintz lvl 2smiley

Wee Lee need PM me

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