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tuesday 08/04/2008

IL sell you ambre for 3,4k

Meron ako linda yusukesmiley

I have
miken moose

Bob joby erm thats it really

Its not really against the rules, just frowned on.

Hit the French flag on the homepage.

Close this thread

Buying any card under price of 120

Perle = 3.2k
Charlie = 7k
This trade = awful deal

Suppliment with clintz if you want people to agree

Anyone looking to sell me their leviatonn for a very cheap price ? smiley


Please close this i got what i need

I have onik, Berserkgirl, Gibson, Keanew, Akiko

Note, kuwabara16 cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I dont have leaders anymore but they can counter offer me because im trying to buy those cards because if you add it all
it is the total of my clintz but i got additional 350 from tourneys
new deals are
trinmkkt 800
lunatik 400
uranus 1500

Send me a Pm and we can discuzz the price or a trade you can post the prices here or trades oh yea im BUYING him not SELLING him.

monday 07/04/2008

Buying leviation 7500

Modz please close this got my reserved price and sold it already

I have 1 Splata Cr to trade

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