tuesday 11/09/2007

Buying Elya Cr any level
pls send offers, i will accept lowest price.

Buying rubbie for 1500 and beetenka for 300

monday 10/09/2007

I have a Chole but i won`t sell it for 2700 smiley

I've only got 500, im interested to buy maciej...

Can sell it to you at 240 full lvl

Also buying All Stars
Buying any strong Bangers clan card lower market price

Buying either fifty or ambre cheap pls..EITHER!

Can any 1 sell me zdrone for 1000 cling ... sorry for the price i really dont have much that all i have smiley

sunday 09/09/2007

smileyCurrently have

Close this subject please

I can sell u Rebbeca for 300 clintz

Wanna buy him??

Kharl for 1000. full level


2 messages

U cant sell

Please Loshmee16,can you just read it first??????or just pm them if they are buying or selling

Yeah, well I need/want Ielena and I was hoping maybe I could get her for 2.5k? Or I can trade my max-level Amber for her....

saturday 08/09/2007

Nee other offers

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