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thursday 15/11/2007

Full level ~ only 220 clintz smiley


I wana buy valadamir (maxed) , gastro boy(maxed)

I want max uranus for 1.2 k

Ouhh,.. its okay.. your welcome... smiley

How much for ottavia..?

Pm Me Prices!!:

- Lost Hog
- Kinjo
- Macumba

- -- - Pm Please smiley - -- -

Shakra 1k maxed pm me

wednesday 14/11/2007

I need a steve n a hax n a marco lemme no

How much for Ashigaru or morphium

please reply


How much for Don PM me

What abut eve how much


ELIViRA= 2000
MARCO 3500

Easy:u need to buy credits

Yeah i`ll buy off course see the topic

Buying zatman name your price

I wanna the dragan cr pm to me

Hi i see you want buy junkz cards i have bunny and cristal im ready to sell or trade with other card thnz

I'm buying Perle for 2700c... Trade me okayy..?

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