monday 18/06/2007

Lvl1?!?! i bought a lvl3 amy for 350 smiley

THANKS WHITEY!!! and lilking..............nice accent

sunday 17/06/2007

I have lamar and alexei, how much are u offering me or what do u have to trade

I have Hugo maxxed. Pm me for what you have to offer.

Look on the market ...

Tanaereva for Kinjo + 5000 clintz

Go to the market it is just 18 000 smiley

Willing to buy uranus lower than the market price

Hey all im tryin to buy any leader (preferably timber) but all i hav is 2483 cintz ;S

if u r sellin add me as a frend and pm me

thank you

How much for pino

Sorry man, i m looking for a bargain.. its still pricey
thx any way
any other offers?

Lower than the market..

Ok i have send a response 2 the member(s) who's cards i need, if u didnt receive a message back i already have them, thanks for all the responses so far.

saturday 16/06/2007

6 messages

What do you want for Timber, for trade?

I'll trade you Diego lvl 2 and Winifred lvl 4 for 5000 or for some oder cardz from Gheist!!! About the price , we can negociate!!!

Have cassio lev max make offer

VIckie chloe or gaia

friday 15/06/2007

I want to buy kerozinn and estalt any bdy selling both at minimun lvl and please be cheap

Anybdy selling

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