wednesday 15/11/2017

Hi, im looking for kiki cr ( real value is 13/14 millions) and i offer 8 million + cannibal jo cr (5.5mil) and schatzi (800k)

Lower the price at 4.5M

Toro Cr is now the title, next mt is a click bait title and based on speculation

Also offering 0xp Shaakarti and Seldnor

200k lowered to 100k for full xp and 50k for 0xp

I value Tessa CR 0xp at 2.4m
Paid methods:
up to 1.8M
Dakota 0xp x1 - 350k
Maana Cercei x1 -410k
Raam x2 - 150k/ea
Lizbeth Cr max xp x4 - 300k/ea
any combination up to 2.4m

tuesday 14/11/2017

Ah okay. seemed suspect when there were only 1 copy for sale at 550k

The valutation of cards change aggording to market; for example vickie cr now is valued 2.9M and is my valutation too


My price is below the market, take this chance!

100 Mokra 0 xp - 100k/head
100 Gascaro 0 xp - 8.5/head
50 Impera Sloane 0 xp - 135k/head
20 Noctezuma Cr 0 xp - 270k/head
10 Rowdy Cr 0 xp - 250k/head
10 Dragomir 0 xp - 165k/head
5 Zatman Cr 0 xp - 250k/head
5 Edd Cr full xp - 260k/head

Only looking for cash. Nothing else.

Paying 37k per 0 exp Oriold

I have Butcher Braxton full xp #kerozinn cr full xp Ymirah Cr full or 0xp Tanaereva Cr full xp Jackie Cr full xp Kenny Mt 0xp Caelus Cr full xp Kalindra Cr full xp and 2.5 mil clintz

Any combination of cards or clintz above for Cannibal Jo Cr i value everything at current market price pm me for quick response

As the title said, I offer Ymirah CR + Ratanah MT for Elya CR.

PM me for quick response, thanks.

monday 13/11/2017

Simple 1 for 1 trade, no extra clintz on any side.

I give my Armanda Cr (6m) 0xp or full xp,

for a Cannibal Jo Cr (5m) 0xp or full xp + cards
or clintz with value about 600k.

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