tuesday 09/10/2007

Go to the market its 750

Ill sell pm me

Ill sell u 1 5 -5.5k

Why's everyone (self included) interested in Ielena all of a sudden? I have her at level 4. Gimme a decent price and it's a deal... Don't even think about giving me anything less than a rare. PM with your offer or post it here...

Oh, and btw, not all collectors are rare... cheap people.

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I have Clara

monday 08/10/2007

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Her price is going to go down anyway

Both are sold!!!

I have Gibson in lvl 4... Need?

Do you have anything less expensive?

This case has been close , I'm already have it

sunday 07/10/2007

Srry, I sold both on the market.

I'll sell you all of them.......just tell me the price your willing to pay.......smiley

Wat would u want for it?

The best way is spend one time monye so you can sell cards on market or youst play and use the clintz to buy cards its a hard way and play in tourny to win credits

U can't sell your cards dude.

I am buying zatman for 4000

I was thinking 15 miss twice cr + 70k

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