sunday 29/07/2007

Lost hog 2100

Im trading my lvl 5 kinjo for any kenny

Sorry just got a Gertrud as well thanks everyone smiley

Sorry mate dont have them, bit of a value difference anyway

Hii yes i need zatman what do you want?

Splata is now Lv5

If u want to know what i'm selling click on my name and there are 8 cards for sell all for deals

saturday 28/07/2007

IM willing to Trade Murphun+Graff=Rass for Chole or XU52 and Shetiane

Il Pay 5000 for Ashingaru

Sorry guys frabby's in my guild i'll let em know to have a list of what they want from now on

How Much U Buy Tyler?5,000 Clintz

friday 27/07/2007

Il do it

Buying boris zoltan titus nantasia grazilla

Lunatik leveled up for 670 clintz

Already got one thanks smiley

This is an example of spam on this message board. While this post is much less offensive than other posts, you can see that everyone is just guessing/asking at what the prices might be. It creates confusion and would be much better if these cards were listed as available for trade, or if the player offering the cards for sale chose his sale prices and posted them on the market for what he wants to sell the cards for.

Buying a chad bread card maxed for at least 250..AT LEAST me pls

thursday 26/07/2007

Im lookign for a fully evolovdd lost hog for my lvl 4 lost hog and 400 clintz. pm me for a fast response

Ill buy bryan,havok and wee lee name price

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