wednesday 08/08/2007

Can i have her for 6100 maxed or not

B>RUBIE 1900...

Does anyone a xia leming willing to trade to me?

tuesday 07/08/2007

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Lol bro check the market , sometimes ur best chances are there

Ill trade willy and 1000 clintz for dragan Cr

Loma Noju, Swidz , Lost Hog and Striker for willy maxxed and sum1 else

Okay okay
anybody ?

The cards im selling are the following
Dacha Macha
PM me if your interested in any smiley

How about a timber at full lv for don

I'll buy it.

I have a fully leved freak card that i dont want any more hes three stars strong

monday 06/08/2007

Wtt a Lamar for an Ilena
i think this is a good deal but if u disagree ill bargain

Buying loma noju 4 1200 clintz... private sales it 2 me asap

If u doit will be more profit and i think we should raise the price for all of them because there to cheap in six months they will be cr's so thats wy they should be higher lets make them at least 1500 each if u guys will work with me

Haha note: i baut a pack lucifer and i was trying to buy a methane

I change chloe against vickie
if it isn't enough I can add an other card

Lucifer ur a noob haha

1900clintz... please!!!!

If got yayoi ....ill sell for 1400
300 cheaper than the market

Note, stutz cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

Too bad you are not allowed to sell cards yet. Need to buy credits.

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