thursday 23/08/2007

Some members are respectable i made a big trade involving a manon cr and the trade went fine........if it goes wrong just tell a mod but keep all the pm's leading to the trade for proof

Anyone trade message me

5k =5,000

wednesday 22/08/2007

Only looking for murphy now.

Already bought

1700 Private Sale It...smiley

6300 for a maxed kenny, is that good 4 u?

Sorry bud you cant sell cards and i doubt someone will give it to you for 500 clintz or those cards.

I am looking for the collectors above 300 000 clintz, mainly manon cr.

I offer 20% over the market price, in soleils (no clintz involved, just soleils) - mainly skullface cr and a award cr.

These are the soleils I have:
64 a award cr
78 skullface cr
4 reine cr
3 dwain cr
17 beltran cr
3 marlysa cr
23 selsya cr
2 ombre cr
8 thaumaturge cr

and also 4 melissa cr, 1 sigmund cr and 1 aldebaran cr

I set him in your private sell ok

How much you give for it??

I have him lvl 4??

U cant sell u havent bought credits yet

I want murphy for 400 and meyen

tuesday 21/08/2007

I want to buy Kenny any star level for cheap, not really cheap jus a fair price!

I belive he is talking about if you are having trouble selling the cards in the market, he will take them off your hands...

Do want Alexie for 900 or no !!

Hey i just yesterday purchased a pack and all my credits r gone

I got Kenny, do u have graks? or Lamar? jackie?

I don't know about alot of you, but I am sick of the guys with fat bankrolls buying up all of one card and manipulating the market. Case in point Nahi. It was bad enough a common card was going for 4k just because of its destiny, but in a move to trick or otherwise gain it was bought up and posted at 99k this could damage normal sales for as much as a week till it restabalizes.

I don't know if anyone has bothered bringing up market tactics before but this seems really unfair to those on a lower budget, I am doing all right with my collection so it does not hurt me too bad.

Let me ask you folks with 100 nahi's or meroo's (horrid card even) 5/2 no abilities its not even a good elo card and its common how much money is enough. Most of these people have completely full collections including cr's.

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