tuesday 21/08/2007

Note, Bigcrazy cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

I need boris any level but prices too high will buy for 1k can't trade not credit buyer

Ok ... im selling meyen top level for 300 and ghiestling also top level for 500

monday 20/08/2007

Also svelthlana

Hey guys, I will buy Saddy for 2800 clintz. She is around 3000 and more at the market, but noone is buying them, so if you need to get rid of her, let me know...

Crassus [max leve] - for low price plz.. pm me smiley

Just adds alot to the market if i am only buying a couple gwen, just reverses it sellers can get their cash quick instead of waiting for something to sell they may sacrifice a bit in profit but they can pop in and clear out then go to the for sale market and get what they want.

sunday 19/08/2007

Looking for a fully trained Candy Jack, anyone feel like selling one to me ?

Just put your prices below.

Giovanni for sale to anybody for 450 clintz in market

Can You Please Sell Me LAMAR...

Very2x Cheap Price...


saturday 18/08/2007

Will sell you fully leveled Nanook for 1000 clintz send me an email

An extra Rubie that you can sell me for a lower price than the market's?

Vlad and ghost right, i just brought Rass for 800 smiley

Hi sell me some uranus.... cheap only...(private sales)

How Much?

friday 17/08/2007

For a timber and sumtin else
pm me with offer

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