monday 05/03/2007

I have Havok. Make me an offer.

Vansaar 4800
joao 3750

7500 For Dorian its maxed!!!

Ill take 600 for candy jack

for ambrose 6500

Jim about 4200

and chikko is level 3(max)

Harv 10000 thats charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offert 4 marlysa max lvl

Can some body sell gaia ineed it

sunday 04/03/2007

Im so poor i need somthing to sellsmiley

I can see that you are still new at this game and i do have a few terries so i will sell her for 100 to you check pvt sales

Yo Clinty my brother said he wants to VS you some Time his name is Nate_Dogg name the place and time to him

I sellin malmoth how much u offer he lvl 3?goin lvl 4 smiley

Elo pow, are there any sellers?smiley

Elya is from a different pack that i regularly buy, any offers, added clints or credits, just PM me for offers,
GGs! smiley

saturday 03/03/2007

16000 ctz for jackie.
i prefer it to be lvl 1 if you have

smiley sell me fifty sell me fifty please oksmiley

Card like what all sell you what do you want smiley

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