friday 13/07/2007

NO ,HELL NO, FOR 400 clintz

Hell No for 600

There are many people with more than 1 account. but i think you are allowed to if they are from different email addresses or computers

Hehe for real?

I have a level 4 almost level 5 Miss Twice and a level 2 page...

I need a charlie and a Feelyn smiley

thursday 12/07/2007

Are you looking to buy macumba...i have one

I want to Vermyn N ,Bodenpower,Laetitia

then i still need Kinjo.
if you can sell them cheap,pm me please.

Miss twaice an vladmir for don, svelthana and venus

10000 for the three

Very good link joker use it all the time...thinks for the site memento

wednesday 11/07/2007

Willin to trade for elya

Only interested in gary on lvl 2, 3 or 4.
i can give you:
350 for Gary in lvl 2
400 for Gary in lvl 3
450 for Gary in lvl 4
Set the private sells

Unicamente interesado en gary con lvl 2, 3 o 4.
Puedo pagar:
350 por Gary en lvl 2
400 por Gary en lvl 3
450 por Gary en lvl 4
Ponganlos en mis ventas privadas.

Ecxactly what it say's up there
Lookin to buy Zdrone cheap at its first level
1200 clintz

tuesday 10/07/2007

Me my friend =)

Got it.

I have a Beltran cr and a Jim cr


I´m buying lunatik at any level for a low price or a trade.

In equal value cards I have Kiki and Tanaereva for trade!!

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