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tuesday 25/12/2007

No ones showing intrest close thread

The complete clan for Selsya Cr yes really i am

Sold. mod please close.

Srry i sealed all

Ndololo cr 0 xp

for shawoman cr both cards in market for 1 450 000

Subject closed, I bought one now

My kiki for your lelena

Lets hope hes joking or he would be the lamest scammer ever...


Lol..true but hey, at least i didn't say it was mine and at least i put up the link to his post. If u guys aren't exactly very happy bought it. Fine with me..lol. Its just a try.

Steve 4 2k

monday 24/12/2007

What will you pay have all on max level

Ill trade u 4 him

Srry no but i will sell u all of them for £20,000

I now have these cards and wont need to buy them any moresmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

This card is sold.

Sold..plz close

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